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Why Da Vinci Surgery Works For You And Your Doctor

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In recent years, the risks of many surgeries have been significantly lowered due to a number of technological advances. One of the more significant ones has been the da Vinci surgical method. Surgeons can use this robotic system to make your surgery safer and more precise. You will suffer less and recover faster when your doctor is able to use this technology.


Robotic surgery sounds like something from a futuristic movie. However, these medical "robots" defy that image. The surgical equipment includes a console where the surgeon sits and controls the robotic arms, which are on a table close to the operating table. The surgeon has a clear and magnified view of the patient's body as he operates. The arms themselves are precise and quite sensitive to the surgeon's manipulations. The rest of the surgical team is at the patient's side monitoring their condition.

Patient Advantages

As a patient, you will benefit from your surgeon's use of robotics. Because the incisions are small, you have a lower chance for infection. You will experience less pain and heal more quickly. Your stay in the hospital will be shorter, and you will lose less blood and have less obvious scars. If you need a hysterectomy, prostatectomy, or heart valve surgery, your surgeon may be able to use the da Vinci system to make your procedure a success.

Surgeon Advantages

Your surgeon will benefit from using robotics because magnification allows them to see the surgery site at ten times its actual size in 3D. Since the robotic arms actually perform the surgery, your doctor experiences less muscle fatigue while making more accurate moves. Your doctor can access places that used to be nearly unreachable. The robotic arms have a better range of motion than human hands do. In addition, they do not have to disturb and possibly harm healthy tissue during the surgery. Robotic surgery is not futuristic: it is an often-used, contemporary medical procedure that protects your health. 

If you need surgery, check with your doctor about having less invasive procedures using da Vinci technology. Robotic surgery is no longer a construct of science fiction. It is used by surgeons to quickly and precisely complete gynecological surgeries, some cardiac procedures, and other operations. The list of applications is growing every year, making medical care safer than ever before. As a result, hospital stays are shorter, complications are reduced, and your recovery happens more quickly.